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What to Expect:

Patient Intake Forms

Once you decide on Elite Health Solutions we will request that you fill out our patient forms. These forms can be filled out prior to stepping foot in the office for your convenience. Click on the link below to find the forms. Upon arrival to the office we will have you fill out additional medical information on the computer in the patient waiting area.

Click here to download New Patient Intake Forms

Doctor Consultation

Once the forms have been completed the doctors will gather helpful information regarding the patient's past and current health related issues. During this encounter, both the doctor and patient will gain a better understanding of what is concerning the individual. The doctors will answer questions, provide an individualized treatment plan, and expectations for both parties.

Physical Examination

A physical examination will take place once the proper understanding of the current condition is gathered. This commonly includes, but may not be limited to, standard neurological, range of motion, orthopedic, functional movement assessment, and chiropractic examination. Further testing may be required depending on findings. The examination allow the doctors to find the core issue that is occurring and not just the symptoms. This helps the doctor develop a individualized treatment plan.

Report of Findings

After all of the information is gathered by the doctors they will report their findings to the individual. This commonly includes explaining what condition the patient is experiencing, all treatment options that may be beneficial, how long the treatment and condition is expected to last, and the typical cost to be expected.


Depending on all of the above characteristics treatment can vary. With the individual's consent, generally treatment can be provided on the first visit. However, depending on the detail of the condition or if the condition is too acute, treatment may not be beneficial at that time. Typical treatment includes the following:


Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic assessment, posture correction, and chiropractic adjustment, including regional and spinal.

Active Release Therapy

Treatment takes between 15-30 minutes and a patient typically sees results within 2-5 visits depending on region and severity of injury.

Kinesio Tape Application

Treatment usually takes 5 minutes to apply tape to region of concern. Kinesio Tape is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while allowing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion.

Instrumented Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Specially shaped tools are used to reduce scar tissue problems, achieve greater results with pain control, joint and muscle flexibility.

Functional Movement Assessment

A systematic approach to assessing the quality of basic movement patterns, which are utilized in the normal function of active people. Process takes between 5-10 minutes to perform.

Individualized Rehabilitation

A focused approach allows for an individualized and patient specific physical therapy plan to address the areas that were discovered with the assessment.